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Create An XML Sitemap

99% of the people who approach us have errors in their sitemaps, whether that is a tag not ended on the first line, or every single page link being incorrect they all still have errors.

A sitemap is used to improve the crawl-ability of a website to make sure every page of your site can be found in a search engine.

We create error free XML and HTML sitemaps for our clients.

What’s the point of writing a page if its not included in a search engine anyway? Google XML site maps
Current Keyword Rankings
Before you can even begin creating an awe-inspiring website you must know how it currently ranks.
We analyse your current sites current ranking on the top 3 search engines for every possible keyword that could bring you traffic. This then gives us a foundation and a starting point to show you how you are improving.

if you would like us to do this for your website please do not hessitate to contact us

Customer and Market Research

Have you thought about who your customer actually is?

Customer and Market research is crucial.

There’s no point being listed in the search engines if you are showing up for completely wrong traffic.
It all comes down to conversion rate, what will customers and market will bring you the highest conversion rate?

Search Engine Optimisation is a long process and there’s no point starting before we are all completely clear on who will make you the most money.

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