What is SEO?

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Search Engine Optimisation

If your site is missing from the top search results, then you may not be maximizing your ability to generate new business and add revenue to your bottom line. Let’s take a look at some stats:

1.3 billion Internet users
Over 85% start at a search engine
Less than 25% will go beyond the top 10 search engine results
Top 10 results get 80% more traffic than those ranked in the 11-30 spots
The best place to get your site noticed on the web is on a search engine, because this is where most people start their search for information on the internet.
The higher you get your site listed on the most popular search engines, the more people will look at your site because your content will be relevant to what they are looking for.


A search on a crawler based search engine such as Google.com, can find millions of sites and only the first ten usually show up on the first page. Therefore it is imperative that the time is taken to ensure that your site is optimized to ensure it appears as early as possible in the search engines, and there are a number of ways we can do this.

Target key words

Target key words which are used to search for your site need to be chosen carefully. You want your site to be in the top ten results when a search is done. Target keywords should always be at least two words long, or too many sites will be relevant to the search and your site will struggle to compete. We can do keyword research to obtain the actual number of searches made in Google for a particular keyword. We can then advise of the most suitable to use on your site.

Search Engine Friendly key words

Once your search words are chosen we can put them in order of relevance and make them search engine friendly. Positioning the keywords within your pages is also important. It is crucial to include target keywords in your page titles and build the titles around the top two or three phrases that the site is based around. Titles need to be short and catchy as these are displayed in search engine result pages and need to attract the attention of the viewer.

Having the best website in the world is not enough.

Without users visiting your site, your investment will not be returned.
Often people talk about traffic as a statistic in terms of hits or unique visitors.
The key is not always to be getting high numbers, but getting the most relevant quality traffic.

There are a number of different proven methods of driving traffic to your site.

Depending on objectives, budgets, traffic types, off-line media and activities, we would recommend a tailor made strategy, to drive the right traffic to your site.
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