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Press Release Creation and Submission

A press release is a small article that can be submitted to online press release websites to inform people in your industry that your company is undergoing a change.
We do this on a consistent basis to let people of authority in your industry know you are there.

This builds back link from high authority websites and gains you exposure.

Multiple benefits from one technique!

RSS Feed Optimisation

RSS feeds are an excellent way of letting technical experts in your industry check your blog for updates quickly and efficiently.

If you have a blog than you must use RSS feeds.

Social Campaign Strategy

Developing a Social campaign strategy can be another way of gaining an immediate boost in traffic, as well as helping give you a permanent increase in your search engine rankings.

The great thing about social campaigns is that there affects can be viral meaning you do a small amount of work and the results spread.
We use websites such as Facebook, Digg, Stumble Upon, Scribd, Squidoo and Propeller to help share information about your business in numerous different ways.

This is a very effective low cost marketing tool, which can also be used to increase the number of links to your site.

Link Baiting

Link Baiting is a term used to describe various different techniques that are applied to gain links.

As the name suggests it lures site visitors into linking back to your site which helps with your rankings.
This can be anything as simple as including a comedic image on your site, to releasing a whitepaper.

We use numerous different link baiting techniques, all of which are very closely guarded and applied to websites that they suit.

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