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Article Ghost-writing and Submission

As we know one big chunk of SEO is about gaining back links. Article Marketing is a perfect way to do this as it provides your potential clients with useful information about your niche, which reinforces that you know what you are talking about as well as physically creating another link to your website online. The problem with it is time. It takes serious amounts of time. Article Ghost-writing is very much like if somebody was to ghost-write your biography.

Our professional copywriters and research team do a great deal of research into your niche and craft unique interesting articles that interest your customers and help with your rankings.

Competitor and Link Authority Research

We use professional SEO tools to analyse your current competition. Competitor research involves carefully analysing your ranking for each keyword and looking at exactly why your competitors are ahead of you. This then shows us the areas in your website that need improving.

Link Authority research is a new technique that we have recently started using here. It involves analysing the top 20 position websites for a niche and seeing which websites are linking to more than one of them. A website that links to multiple websites in these top 20 positions is called a link authority. A link authority is an incredibly powerful link to have and we do whatever it takes to gain these for you. As you can imagine analysing maybe 5000 links x 30 websites to see what they have in common takes time, something you couldn’t do by yourself, but the results make it well worth our time.

Content Copywriting and Development

An area that a great deal of websites let themselves down is content.
Content is King
You have probably heard this axiom 1000 times over but it really is.
If you haven’t got enough well-written content on your website your conversion rate drops and you are instantly doomed for failure.

We completely understand that creating well written content isn’t everyone’s forte, that’s why we provide a professional copywriting service. Our team will analyse your entire sites copy and will turn it into a customer converting machine.


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