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Our Services & Work Methods

From product packaging to corporate identities, design plays a huge part in influencing our everyday decisions.

A high impact, well constructed site will project the initiative as a forward thinking, proactive organisation, and motivate visitors into the action.

But there is more to a well design site that just looking good: the site must be fast to download, easy to navigate and provide well defined calls to action.


Website PlanningPlanning for a website is more than the development of a site map, creative and then build. It’s about developing an online presence that not only looks good and works well, but continues to perform over its lifetime.

Good planning requires us to evaluate all the fundamental elements of the project, to determine the right approach to the site build and ongoing strategy.



Understanding your audience and managing their expectations is key to maximizing effectiveness. Some key questions when analyzing your audience are as follows:


  • What are the top 10 things they are going to want to know about you?
  • What do they need from you?

Then we need to understand your message…

  1. What do we want them to know?How do we want them to interact with the site?
  2. How do we want them to interact with the site?
  3. How will we judge this website a success?
  4. What value does the business want in return for their investment?
  5. How long do you envision the life of your website or campaign?

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